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why is this so hard to come across? 

Flying Pig Alert: Canada’s Green Party President “Gets It” On Gaza



If you hadn’t noticed, The Greens all over the world are vehemently anti-Israel.

Which makes this piece by Paul Estrin, President of the Green Party of Canada, quite stunning (hat tip: George).

Why Gaza makes me sad
25 July 2014 – 9:41pm

The history of the…

Past, pain, and anger are so poisonous but it’s amazing how far these things can push someone to be better ironically.

Watching Mulan with my niece

*I start crying*

Niece: what’s wrong auntie?

Me: I want to be a hero too.


Got the new Common album, more to come. Dopest shit I’ve heard all year. 

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I’m constantly aware of what I want, what I stand for, and what I should be doing. I’m also almost always watching, observing and thinking. I listen to what people say, why they say it, how they act or react, who they associate with, what they value, what their interests are, etc. I do this because I don’t like to spend my time and energy on just anyone I think is “cool”. It goes into more depth than that. Will our relationship be beneficial? Substantial? Do they stand for similar things that I do and encompass some form of intelligence and common sense? If I come across people who I can tell are immature, obnoxious, ignorant, untrustworthy or lack logic then I will keep my distance. I have so many things I wanna do in life and there’s so much world and great people to see so why would I limit myself and my valuable time on people who have screwed up priorities? It may come off harsh/selfish, but I’ve been through a lot of life changing events. My only focus is to become the best woman I can be for me. If there’s anyone who genuinely cares to be in my life then they’ll make the effort.