I think everyone should experience a really bad boyfriend/girlfriend to appreciate a good one.

The world is a mirror.

Since the day we are born, we are told what we are- if we are beautiful, if we’re smart, if we are loved, if we are fat, whether we are valued, etc. Think about it: our sub-conscious minds use the world as a mirror to validate who we are. So those who are abused through out life and told they are worthless and ugly; it makes sense that they would believe it. Even magazines, t.v., movies, and the rest of the media tell us what we should be and what’s not acceptable in society. There’s so much pressure from the world. And the minority of us that is capable to go against all of these “mirrors” and decide their own self-worth need to be recognized. I really admire those strong people who can love themselves the way they are, because it really isn’t an easy thing to do. Many of us don’t love ourselves as much as we should.